Cloud Chamber Stuff

We glossed over wiring more than anything and several folks asked: I’m going to use this page as a data-dump and hopefully that will help a few of you that want to build your own!

This is the 10k foot level. For ours we wired two 30A 12v supplies together in parallel, but balancing them is very tricky. We actually had one let out the magic smoke at Maker Faire and had to rewire it on the floor. It would be much easier to switch them out for a single big supply. Suggestion? Search Ebay for “hp server power supply 1200w” and you’ll find lots of info on the internet about modding these in to high quality, high power 12v sources.
This is how our peltiers are wired, sort of: our top and mid rows are actually older TEC12706 (lower power) peltiers, but when we got newer versions of those they were severely underpowered compared to the originals. We didn’t have enough, so we ended up switching to the TEC12710’s on the bottom row, which run much more like the older TEXC12706s.
Pretty straightforward: dallas sensors can be wired all to the same pin if you feel like messing with device addressing, but this was easy. The LCD screens have set addresses by shorting a couple pins on the back. Very simple code found here:

Maybe Mike can add all the links to stuff we used?