Anycubic Photon and Elegoo Mars upgrade stuff

If you’re looking to buy the thing, check the menu. A model is also available for Patrons!

The main difference between the two setups is that the Photon attaches the build platform from the front and the Mars from the back. The updated block has counter-bored holes from the back to accommodate, and the factory screws are used which pass through the threads-for-the-photon without engaging them.

Useful info:

  • The main rail is about 235mm tall, so if you want your rails to stretch fully top-to-bottom that’s the length you should shoot for when purchasing. We did, however, originally use 220mm rails in our own mod and it worked fine, but pay attention to just how far the main carriage moves to the top vs bottom of the column before you start drilling holes.
  • Speaking of rails, the Amazon link we provide is just an example but of course it’s a standard part that you can get in many places. Look for a designation of MGN-12H, as that has the correct motion blocks. We here Bangood frequently has deals on them.
  • The rails use 10mm long M3 screws. We like cap head and get ours from McMaster, but any 10mm M3 screws will do!

Instructions for the Photon are here:

MGN-12H motion rail and block information